Friday, May 22, 2009

La Lavende

...wish I could float to a field in Provence....

Amaris Arts : Summer Shows

It's that time of year. I'm starting my summer right with some great shows. Here's what I'm signed up for as of now:

May 28th Last Thursday on Alberta
Come down to Alberta for some great street art, food, and gallery openings. Everything is open late and has something unique to offer! I'll be setting up around three and out until 9 or 10.

Crafty Wonderland at Doug Fir Lounge
June 14th 11-4 830 E. Burnside, Portland, OR
This one falls just before Father's Day and it's a GREAT place to pick up unique gifts! There will be a special project at the DIY table (led by the fabulous Jen of DIY Lounge) so you can even come and MAKE a gift for Dad!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Art Hop: Cute Dogs, Babies, and Summer Dresses

The Alberta Art Hop exceeded my expectations. It was one of the warmest days Portland has seen all year, and everyone seemed to be out with their puppies and babies. It was cute overload!

I took some pictures of my set up and of the mini parade! During the parade Rose City Vaudeville marched on stilts, and there were some awesome mini-cars!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alberta Art Hop Saturday

It's so on! I can't even express how busy I've been making art for the Art Hop this Saturday! There will be many new pieces making their debut! If you live in the Portland area, be there! I am also having a special Art Hop sale Saturday only as incentive to pull you out into the sunshine!

Image credits to Art on Alberta.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Esomeliae Q&A

Over the weekend my friend and fellow crafter Melissa Vergara invited me to participate in an artist's Q&A for her blog at I've reposted it below but you really should check out her blog. It is a great read especially if you live in the Southern California area because in addition to posting about art, she posts about food!

You can see some of her beautiful handcrafted jewelry on Etsy. I have one of her necklaces and I wear it frequently. I want more! Check out her Etsy store:


When did you first start making art? I first started making art when I was a child. I remember becoming very upset when my pre-school classmate could draw a better dog than me with a magenta crayola. I made it my mission to be the best in my class at drawing dogs...and then horses, and then flowers, and then people, and so on. I would spend hours painting with my water color sets because I thought it was great fun.

What inspires you? I'm inspired by everything around me, trees, plants, people, music, history. I feel most inspired when I am discovering new places.

Biggest indulgences? CHOCOLATE, and wine, and creme brulée.... and massages.... and hot baths... I live for indulgences.
Best advice given or received? That you get as much out of something as you put into it.

Biggest challenge? Waking up in the morning... balancing creativity with paying the bills. Staying in one place!

Last thing you cooked? My signature breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs seasoned with chives from the garden.

Last art show you went to? I just go back from the Rachel Whiteread exhibition at the Portland Art Museum, though I am not sure 7 sculptures and 4 drawings in the corner of the 4th floor constitutes an exhibition. I will be ranting about this later in my blog!

Last record you listened to? My housemate was playing the Raveonettes when I got home. I've heard of them but had never heard them. Now I'm in love!

Last thing you read? I'm in the slow process of reading "Challenging Art: Artforum 1962-1974" by Amy Newman

Dream scenario? I inherit an obscene amount of money from a distant relative I've never met, allowing me to run an art studio in a large warehouse building consisting of welding, wood, ceramic, photography and sewing facilities, with a gallery down stairs that possibly doubles as a bar/cafe music venue. It will run off memberships. We will also sponsor site specific, public, and ephemeral art within the community. I will even have enough money to travel around the world as much as I want to.

Last Thursday on Alberta

Tonight was the first Last Thursday of the season! I have never been before and really wanted to scope the whole thing out before trying to vend, but when the sun came out and I saw the traffic turning onto Alberta I knew I had to get out there!

It was already 6:30 when I got home so I quickly managed to fit the small amount of inventory that I had into a messenger bag and threw a folding chair and my tiny folding tv dinner table into my car! I left the larger pieces at home. I was lucky to find a spot where someone had already broken down and was set up by 7:30. It wasn't too hard with my tiny little table.

Sales were nothing to brag about but I had a great time just people watching. There were people walking on 9' stilts, goblin costumes, hot-pink tailed pomeranians, a mini-rave on the corner vacant lot. It was very entertaining. I passed out a lot of cards, and may have found someone to share a space with at the Alberta Art Hop.

I set up next to Ariel from Tiny Forge Design, who was much more well prepared than I and let my tiny little table bask in the overflow from her lanterns. She hand forges the most beautiful and simple silver jewelry. Her floral designs are right up my alley. She told me about the Art Hop and mentioned the possibility of sharing a spot. It is a Saturday (May 16th), and I work Saturdays but I think I will try to take this one off. It should be tons of fun! The entire street will be shut down and filled with artists!

At around 10:00 I decided to call it a night. I packed up and took a walk. I really enjoyed the show opening at Together Gallery, along with the musicians playing in the back room.

I will definitely try to make participating in Last Thursday a regular thing. I might even try to leave work early and bring a REAL table and more work!

(image credits go to the sites of Together Gallery and Tiny Forge Design...being ill prepared I left my camera behind tonight!)